Bring back BOOMER!

I miss Boomer and his famous commentary. During my lifetime he has been the NFL countdown host and the voice we all know and love. Bring back Chris Berman out of retirement! This awesome article outlines what he has been up too and a look into his personal life outside of ESPN.


Los Angeles Chargers

The local paper gave a great piece of farewell to my beloved Chargers and showed great distaste for the Spanos family and their decisions over the last few decades. This article outlines my hatred for what happened to this once great football team that I grew up watching. I have now converted to being a Detroit Lions fan, being that I have family in Detroit. GO LIONS! If the chargers ever want to come back I think the city would welcome the team but ONLY WITH A NEW OWNER.

AFC West Showdown!

Denver is playing at Kansas City tonight and might be the game of the week in my eyes. I say that because if the Chiefs win they could really leave everybody else behind in the division, being that the Raiders and Chargers both lost this week. This game could decide the fate of the division moving forward and possibly solidify the Chiefs playoff run. My bold prediction this week will be that Denver’s insane pash rush throws Alex Smith off his game and the defense wins it for Denver this week. If the pass rush is nonexistent it will be a long night for them and the Chiefs will roll.

Predictions for week 8!

My win-loss predictions for week 8:

Jags vs. Titans: Jags Win- Titans Loss

Redskins vs. Bengals: Redskins Win- Bengals Loss

Chiefs vs. Colts: Chiefs Win- Bengals Loss

Raiders vs. Bucs: Bucs Win- Raiders Loss

Seahawks vs. Saints: Saints Win- Seahawks Loss

Lions vs. Texans: Lions Win- Texans Loss

Jets vs. Browns: Jets Win- Browns Loss

Packers vs. Falcons: Falcons Win- Packers Loss

Patriots vs. Bills: Patriots Win- Bills Loss

Chargers vs. Broncos: Chargers Win- Broncos Loss

Cardinals vs. Panthers: Panthers Win- Cardinals Loss

Eagles vs. Cowboys: Eagles Win- Cowboys Loss

Vikings vs. Bears: Vikings Win- Bears Loss